Floor Box Socket in Diepkloof, Gauteng for sale

Floor Box Socket

1.widely used in offices 
2. galvanzied steel or plastic 
3. square type or round type . 
Features :
1.Dimensions of Panel :250x220x4,Dimensions of Bottom Base :230x200,Dimensions of hole on steel floor:235x205
2.Inside the receptacle, four Model 86 panel or eight-position Model 118 or twelve-position Model 120 functional parts can be arbitrarily combined to suit both strong or weak power supply. 
3.The up-external wings of the bottom case can be used to fixed on the steel floor, and can be adjusted accordingly as per thickness of the floor therefore it can be easily installed. Even all steel floors are laid, it can be still flexibly installed through preserved hole. 
4.The director of the panel can be rotated within 180. arbitrarily
5.The opening handle and the wire exit on the panel are designed separately, so ti is flexible for use.
6.There is the support at the wire exit of the panel, It can be effectively protect cable wire in normal use. In addition the sponge layer is set the wire exit to prevent dust in use.
7.The wire exit is 10mm higher than the ground, therefore it is more reasonable ,safer and more humanized than that of traditional one .even it is trampled nobody shall be stumbled or fall down .Meanwhile cable wires are protected
8.The blanket can be posted in the middle of the panel as decoration and frame edges are exported to be in accordance with the floor to obtain in integral effect.